​QSBRI Inc. specializes in commercializing technology in the energy sector with a strong focus on heating and solar heating applications.  
Passive Back Flow technology prevents fouling and scale build up in heat exchangers.  Allowing for the use of compact plate heat exchangers in applications and regions previously inaccessible due to hard water. 
Working with Dr. Stephen Harrison, director of the Solar Calorimetric Laboratory at Queen’s University, QSBRI works to develop new Intellectual Property and seeks licensing partners worldwide.

Featured Technologies

QSBRI is currently commercializing two innovative technologies: Passive Back Flow (PBF) and Integral Stagnation Control (ISC).  These two technologies are the result of years of research and development by Dr. Stephen Harrison and have a decade of tested, recorded experience.  Both have numerous applications in the global solar and HVAC industries and QSBRI is currently working with partners to develop these technologies into commercial successes . 
A thermosyphon system on the roof of McLaughlin Hall at Queen`s University currently testing out our ISC technology.
Our patented valve that utilizes PBF technology to combat fouling in heat exchangers.

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News in Brief

QSBRI is pleased to be participating in
THE BREAKOUT PROJECT, May 10-12 2017 in Kingston, ON.  
The Breakout Project is Canada’s biggest social innovation event purposefully designed to scale world-changing projects.
With thousands of attendees, renowned speakers, a new online collaboration platform and a series of engagement strategies, this event is designed to bring the resources together to transition social innovation projects from ideation to measured impact within just 365 days.

QSBRI Signs Licensing Agreement with SWEP

January 2017,
QSBR Innovations Inc. is pleased to announce that is has completed a licensing agreement with SWEP AB of Sweden.  SWEP a world leading brazed plate heat exchanger manufacturer with offices and factories world wide.  SWEP is interested in Passive Back Flow technology to keep its brazed plate heat exchangers clean in all types of potable water situations.  QSBRI and SWEP on working on product development and roll out of PBF technology for the fourth quarter of 2017.  
For more information please contact us. 
SWEP is a Dover Company